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Reelover - Everything is Live

ReeLover - Everything is live, introduces safe and secure way of streaming live videos to a single person or a group of individuals, whom you want to interact with. ReeLover gives you the power to select public or private broadcast. Whether you want to show the world where are you visiting or you want to take opinion of your close group of friends on your choice of wedding gown. Our privacy protection feature, let the users decide whom they want to interact with or view their live video. No need to worry, your videos are saved on our cloud storage, you can access them whenever you want.

ReelOver - Everything is live also introduces, ReelOver for business which lets businesses decide, how they want to interact with their internal or external stakeholders. Now meetings, townhalls are made easy, saving time and resources for arrangement for big group or teams. Just enter the team email ids and they will watch your live broadcast, they can also interact and ask question during the session. Whether you are up for a sales review in your company, want to take a group discussion of prospective candidates or may be a remote interview of the selected candidate. You want to teach your students remotely or prescribe a medicine to an ailing patient in other part of the world. You can see or you can let the world or a limited audience see you. With ReelOver you can share, edit and save your last broadcast.

ReelOver is bringing back the human in the human touch, in this fast changing world driven by technology. Its the first truly global product made in India.

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